Zidane: This has been a difficult season in terms of goals for Benzema

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Zidane: This has been a difficult season in terms of goals for Benzema

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Real Madrid recorded a solid 2-1 victory over Malaga on Sunday, sbo however, Karim Benzema failed to score yet again and Zinedine Zidane admitted it's been a difficult season for the French forward.Benzema played rather well and his link-up play was far from disastrous, but having a centre-forward who simply can't find the net is rather problematic."It's been a complicated season in terms of goals for Benzema," Zidane explained in his post-match press conference."He'd like to score and he's had chances, he played very well tonight but he lacked a goal."He's not going to give up."Isco was the star performer on his return to the Estadio La Rosaleda, sbo he scored a fine free kick and contributed an assist for Casemiro's goal.Zidane was pleased by his performance and he was also given a warm welcome by the home support."I'm happy with his performance and his goal," he intimated."He played a great game and I'm happy for him."He deserved that great reception, he's been incredibly important for Malaga in the past and today he was important for us."Los Blancos face a quick turnaround before Wednesday's LaLiga clash with Athletic Club, and the former Juventus midfielder is aware of the physical demands that will be placed on his squad ahead of the Champions League semi final with Bayern Munich."It's not going to be easy, I'll try to do my best and there will be rotation," he confirmed."We have a match before the semi final and some will have to rest."We're arriving into that match healthy, it's important to have everyone available." sbo

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